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Before and After Pics: Seeking Enhanced Transformation Stories

Enhanced Labs has an amazing line up of products. From fat burners like All Day Shred to muscle builders like 3-AD and Arachidonic Acid or Carb Tech, there is ever aspect of an Ultimate Transformation available in the lineup of Enhanced products.

Our customers are part of a community that believes in supplementation, in enhancement, and in pioneering human evolution. We know that our best is achieved only when the science we use matches the effort we are putting in.

We want to see and hear from you! We want to see the results of your hard work and the Enhanced Supplements you take. We want to publish your story and give you shout outs on social media and bring attention to your hard work.

Enhanced Labs Announces a $1,000 supplement giveaway for the Top Prize in before an after pictures paired with the Enhanced Supplements and Regimen Used to Achieve Your Results.

They can be photos of you, anytime from 2018 until present, and cannot be on the public domain in any other location other than your personal social media accounts or blog sites. We will be reviewing every submission with the online databases to ensure the photos are yours and are not already online attributed at other supplement companies or parts of other promotions.

We are specifically looking for before and after photos with:

(1) SLIN

(2) ARA





We will leave the submission period open from Nov 1st, 2020 through Nov 15th, 2020. Submissions should be sent to [email protected] by email only. Before picture and after picture need to show the face, and the text of the email or attached document need the supplements used and the exercise or dietary regimen employed.

1st Place: $1,000 in Supplements

2nd Place: $450 in Supplements

3rd Place: $200 in Supplements


Getting Shredded Example

Weight Loss Examples

Getting Jacked Example

So get in the game! Get Enhanced! Help us broadcast your story and your work by submitting your photos and program today at [email protected]!

1 comment

  1. Joel krulan

    12/09/2020 at 08:50 pm

    Hey EA BRO’S DR.T.HUGE&COACH TREVOR. I’ve been w you since the beginning on your YouTube channel. Unfortunately I never got to use any of your supps. There was a time when you were recruiting some average people others not so much. In any case I wanted to purchase your slin supp among others however it was always out of stock. I would love to stack the SLIN,ARACHIONIC ACID,and the EPIMUSCLE. Now I see that you have the 4AD as well which would be nice. I am 5’7 was 250lb mass bulk round 15-20%BF and then cut down to 225lb lean bulk in 3-4mo. about 10%bf and eventually got to single digits. I have pics not sure how to upload them though. Basically all in all I would love to be a EA project so to speak. IF there’s any chance or way to do so please let me know. I am very dedicated, keep logs on everything and I am not running anything currently and would not do so as a tester of Enhanced products. TY, My apologies for the long post. Thanks again for your time and review.