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Enhanced Athlete Carolyne Wins NPC Nationals, ProCard, Shot at Olympia

Nov 23rd Update:

Carolyne Marquez has just won the NPC Nationals, her pro card, and a shot to compete at Olympia for her regional and now national win. Congrats from us at the Enhanced family to our Athlete, Carolyne Marquez, for all of her hard work and dedication.

Nov 16th Update Below:


Tony and all of Enhanced has known Carolyne for years, and her work and dedication to being “out of this world” are unparalleled.

Keep up the great work Carolyne – Stay SWOLE!!!!!

Respect IG @carolynefit_

Here is more about Enhanced Athlete Carolyne Marquez:

My name is Carolyne Michelle Marquez Colon, born and raised in Puerto Rico. I am an Enhanced Labs Ambassador and I love taking fitness to the next level. This means living the Enhanced Difference.

The motivation for fitness and love for sports has always been in my interest, since my dad got me into soccer. This is where I first was pushed beyond my limits and learned what it meant to have to work and grind to achieve goals.

I went to college and studied Mechanical Engineering and Professional Bakery, while playing soccer and running track in the university. Back then I only weighed 85 pounds!! I was going through so many calories because of my active lifestyle, but I did not know much about how to program my diet to match up with my goals.

My love for weightlifting started when I went with a friend to a gym and trained for the first time. And I mean, really trained! You know what I am talking about: the burning muscle pain you feel when you get into the lifts…the screaming from your body! It felt amazing and that was a game changer for me. I am sure it is for you, too.

Muscle building became such an interest that I started reading and learning on how to grow them naturally and make my own routines. I remember seeing some results and getting addicted to it, bodybuilding became my daily focus. I talked to other builders and coaches and they worked with me and I began to learn, work and grow. At your gym don’t hesitate to reach out to the guys and gals who are massive…ask them questions, more often then not – they will help you out!

women in fitness

Learning how to pair my passion with the right dietary inputs and supplements helped me to achieve my current body of work. Enhanced has been a part of that journey each step of the way. I still like to ask Tony questions…he always answers!

A lot of people have asked me if I would compete in shows… but it has never been in my interest. I like to challenge myself and just see the progress that I can do with my body without any limits. It has been an eight-year journey to get to where I am now: consuming fully clean products, staying on a strict diet, training daily. And the most important part: being disciplined in my mind and hyper-focused on my goals. If you want it bad enough, you can do it.

As for my future plans? I will keep working hard to be even more Enhanced. That means bigger legs, better abs, playing with my symmetry, and setting my body goals without limits.

Most importantly, keep motivating people by helping them achieve their goals, training them, or giving them advice on my social media, at training events, or here on the Enhanced Blog. I will see you at the gym!! Keep it up! Stay on the Grind!


Cant wait to hear your stories….. Carolyne

Post script: I  use the following Enhanced Labs Supplements as part of my supplement regimen:

All Day Shred with T-2 thyroid throttler,

Anabolic IV Essential Amino Acids instead of BCAA’s,

Arachadonic Acid to increase inflammation.


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  1. Diego

    11/11/2020 at 08:50 pm

    Very interesting.

  2. Trump

    11/27/2020 at 08:50 pm

    Wow, congratz.

    In sweatpants, her quads look pretty normal but without…Jesus.