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Enhanced Athlete: Slin Diesel and the Fit Couple

Enhanced Athlete.

What does that mean? What does that look like? Enhanced Labs is proud to sponsor the real Slin Diesel (IG https://www.instagram.com/thee_only_slindiesel/ ) for the upcoming bodybuilding competition: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDj59P3lQaO/?utm_source=ig_embed

SLIN Diesel has been a part of the Enhanced Family for years. Him and his wife, Hazel, are known as the Fit Couple (see Hazels at https://www.instagram.com/thee_mrs._slindiesel/). Both SLIN and Hazel have a commitment to fitness, body building, lifestyle and fitness training. At Enhanced we know them personally, and wanted to help you get to know the heart of what makes Enhanced Athlete Slin Diesel Tick.

SLIN has been lifting for years in the Northern California region. He successfully trains and coaches dozens of athletes. If you follow him on IG you will see the videos, the carb-starved, heavy-weight lifting days that happen day in and day out. And usually you can see in those same videos, Hazel, pushing him further up in gains and up in weight, and down in body fat. We recommend following Phil and Hazel as they are constantly posting free coaching tips, dietary plans, and tracking of progress of the work that they are putting in.

They truly are the Fit Couple, and we believe that Slin Diesel has what it takes to win the Pro Show at Tampa come October. Look for us to do a live IGTV interview with Phil when he gets about 10 days out from the competition.

This is a photo from his last competition:

SLIN Diesel uses Carb Tech, Black Ox, All Day Shred to cut, and Arachidonic Acid for maximum muscle inflammation and growth (if your looking for an easy website to share with friends explain what ARA is, check out http://www.redmeatsupplement.com ).

Lets go SLIN. Lets get a Win at Tampa!

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