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Road to Olympia: Meet IFBB Pro Patrick, An Enhanced Athlete

Enhanced lives in a space filled with dedicated individuals who care about fitness, truth, and quality – in products and life! Our Ambassadors and Athletes are no different. You have already met Carolyne, our amazing Puerto Rican Ambassador, and now it is our honor to introduce you to Patrick. He is currently on the Road to Olympia, a professional competitor who takes training seriously and is working towards that mountain top right now despite the COVID madness. So while other people are taking vacations and getting out of shape, Patrick has been living the Enhanced Difference, getting it in the gym, working with our dedicated employees on his nutrition and supplementation regimen, and getting ready to compete, win, and head to Olympia.

We recently sat down with Patrick so we could get to know him better and share that conversation with the Enhanced community.

(1)Tell me a little bit about yourself. What got you into body building? How old are you?

I am 34 years old, from fountain Hill Arkansas. As a young man my brother would work out, He would’ve watch old Bodybuilder videos. I would ask him if I’d be able to look like them one day and he responded “no”. I was very tall and lanky.

(2)Where you from where you living now and whats the best thing we need to know about where you live?

I am from Arkansas. I live in Texas, the best thing about Texas is that it’s Texas!

(3)Whats your favorite lift? Your favorite pose?

Single arm dumbbell row. My favorite pose is back double bicep.

(4)Tell us about your diet….what kind of calorie load are you looking for on a daily basis as you prepare for the showing season?

My diet consist of mainly fish, and chicken. My calorie intake will increase in my next prep to 4200 calories.

(5)What is the next show you plan on competing at? Are you getting ready for Olympia?

Competing in Salt Lake City and yes I am going to qualify for Olympia in December! The Road to Olympia starts every day when I wakeup!

(6)How did you hear about the Canadian Chemist and Enhanced?

I was watching videos on YouTube furthering my knowledge of common compounds, I came across Trevor he was very knowledgeable. Looked him up on Instagram and started chatting. The Canadian Chemist knows his stuff: I trust him with everything from nutrition to how to get the right blend of supplements for what I am trying to accomplish.

(7)If there is one thing you could tell someone struggling right now with the motivation to get out there and get fit, or lift, or push through….what would you tell them? What works for you to get you going? What really fires you up?

For me it’s excites me to see my body change and grow. It is nice to see how much my body can accomplish and push. I do this mainly for my family and my personal goals! Bodybuilding is my life.I would tell someone to sacrifice their time for at least three months to see where they can take their body. You get what you put in!

(8)If you could only pick one exercise, one lift, to do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wide grip pull downs

(9)What is it that you like the most at the shows? Is it the competition? The stage? The prep? What drives you to be savagely fit?

The competition, knowing I’m not the only one pushing my limits!

(10)Favorite movie of all time and Favorite athlete?

Frank Zane, first predator movie…..although I did love ENHANCED with Tony Huge!

(11)When the Enhanced Crew takes you out in Vegas for dinner, what kind of food do you like?

I’m always a fan of a good steakhouse. Get the ARA working with those Steaks!

(12)Anything else you want the Enhanced family to know about you? Your journey? Struggles?

Bodybuilding is a very lonely sport. You have to sacrifice at all if you really want it! And you definitely have to do it for the right reasons. The Enhanced family has been super supportive and is a great community to help through that sacrifice. Its worth it! Respect to all you out there getting it in and staying swole.


Thanks Patrick for the being part of the Enhanced Crew! Your work is an inspiration. We cannot wait to see the results in Utah. For the community: Patrick regularly uses Black Ox, Anabolic IV, Phytodrol, and the Rage Pump Preworkout for bulking and uses the Enhanced Cutting Stack to help him make his cuts.

Stay tuned for the next Ambassador highlight. Could it be you?

Follow Patrick on Instagram @Famousas52


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