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Sleep is the single most important part of staying healthy and feeling good. Good quality sleep is directly correlated to better body composition, better mental health, improved quality of life and prevention of disease. Sleep Juice will not just help you fall asleep; it will also help you stay asleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the next day of training. Do not let your progress come to a halt because of a bad night’s sleep, take Sleep Juice 60 minutes before bed to make sure your training schedule never skips a beat. 

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Benefits of Sleep Hygiene for Athletes

By Tony Huge

Deep Sleep Juice for Rapid Muscle Growth, Fat Loss and Transformations
I’ve traveled the world and learned the secrets from underground bodybuilders and scientists and with their permission I share what I can with you.


One of the most understated yet most important factors in bodybuilding is sleep.  By improving sleep quality we exponentially increase the rate of muscle growth and fat loss while increasing nearly every aspect of health in some way.  Everyone knows sleep is important but they still don’t understand how important and how to specifically improve it in the most important ways.


Sure, meditation before bed, sleeping in dark room, sticking to a sleep schedule all help but at best that just gives natural sleep for natural results.  Even then, I believe its more natural to use a sleep drug or supplement than not to because in the modern era its nearly impossible to simulate natural sleep like we had thousands of years ago.
3 Quick Experiences:


  • Experience #1

One of the most impressive bodybuilding transformations where my test subject put on about 40lbs of muscle in 2 months was the first proof I saw of this.  He slept 12 hours per day so deep that I couldn’t wake him up.  He had done a previous cycle and diet but was so busy with school and music he didn’t sleep enough or deep enough.  The difference between his first cycle and the one he actually grew was 1) Massive amount of eating, and 2) Massive amount of deep sleep


  • Experience #2
One of my stops around the world to uncover the secrets of underground bodybuilding and chemistry is Oxygen Gym Kuwait.  Although I could talk for days about what I learned there, the thing that stood out the most was the sleep.  There is nothing to do besides train, eat, sleep and the bodybuilders get lots of focused deep sleep and naps.  Often they train twice a day with a quality nap in between.


  • Experience #3


I constantly experiment on myself.  Sleeping supplements and medications are something I’ve been experimenting with for more than 20 years.  More recently I experiment with more and more hardcore sleeping drugs but I will explain why that is not the right path for most people.  I have always had trouble sleeping since I was an adult because of the tremendous amount of mental work I take on and the inability to naturally shut my brain off.  Meditation, stretching, deep breathing… ya it all helps but it is never enough to get superhuman quality sleep to become superhuman and I don’t have time to do all that for 90 minutes before sleep.  In my experiments where I reduce sleep quality I notice no matter how many bodybuilding drugs I take or what I eat that my body doesn’t transform fast.  For me sleep is the limiting factor.  When I take sleep seriously and take my sleeping supplements that’s when I can transform my body so fast that I can do things like prepare for bodybuilding competition in 10 days.


Fast forward to what I take almost every night for sleep that has made the biggest difference for my health and being able to transform my body fast again.  I use Sleep Juice 1 or 2 scoops before sleep.  Sometimes I take on scoop before bed and another if I wake up in the middle of the night.  Sometimes I take it 40 minutes before an afternoon nap.  And sometimes I even take it just to lower stress and cortisol and help relax after a strenuous mental activity.


Its always different how I use it and I have so many more experiments I want to do with it.  Sleep Juice is all the supplements that I used to take individually for sleep but I was so irregular with using the raw ingredients because they tasted so bad and was so time consuming I just didn’t want to do it before bed when I was already worn out.  Now with Sleep Juice it tastes so good and mixes easy so only takes me less than 10 seconds to put a scoop in water and drink it.


The magic of Sleep Juice is that individually the super effective super healthy active ingredients in it taste horrible but together in Sleep Juice after extensive experimentation and alteration now taste AMAZING!  When I take Sleep Juice I wake up and look better in the mirror and feel good and refreshed.  When I don’t, then my body doesn’t change much and I feel like my body and mind aren’t rested, healed, and recovered.
I also rarely get sick now.  Even if I feel the slightest coming of a cold or flu, if I get a good night sleep on 2 scoops of sleep juice then I wake up recovered instead of run down.


I meant to get into the science of why Sleep Juice is so effective and how it is not addicting and doesn’t build a tolerance but i’ll continue that later.
The main thing is that I do combine it with other sleeping medications but Sleep Juice is the only one I can take every night with no side effects or dependance so it is the foundation of every sleep protocol I use and I have my friends and athletes use


Stay Swole –
Tony Huge
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