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How do I keep my testosterone at a high level?

Question from the Audience:

Question Date: August 30th, 9:21 AM, via review system

New Question from J*** S*******

How do I keep my testosterone at a high level. Does this product help keep testosterone are taking for a month or does the testosterone drop after?
Product: Black Ox


Response by Trevor Kouritzin, the Canadian Chemist, Chief Science Officer of Enhanced Labs

Response Date: August 30th, 10:15 AM, via review system

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Black Ox naturally raises testosterone by stimulating the HPTA (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Testicular Axis). Your testosterone levels will return to normal baseline levels after using Black Ox. Having abnormally high testosterone levels year round is not healthy so we recommend users cycle on and off black ox.”

If you want to try it yourself, please feel free to use code “tryox” for 15% off your first run on it. Thanks J****! If you have any more questions email me at [email protected]!

Recent Reviews of Black Ox Testosterone Booster

Stamped IO Verified review on September 4th, 2020

From: D*** F****

“Using the Black Ox & Blue Ox combo with Clomid and my weight has stayed consistent for my entire post cycle phase. Actually breaking PRs which I didn’t think would be possible while on pct. Amazing products, very worth the price!”

Stamped IO Verified review on August 28th, 2020

From D**** S******

“Awesome product. Test levels were boosted. Gains were incredible!!”

Stamped IO Verified Review on August 18th, 2020

From V**** C****

“Just got it 2 weeks ago.
I do feel that push and drive is back. I don’t just stop after that extra rep, I push for that 3rd & 4th one now. Plus my wife has definitely noticed a difference. Definitely a great investment!!!
Will I get it again??? How is that even a question…”

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