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Tony Huge to the Enhanced Crew;

Welcome to our Blog Section @ Enhanced Labs.


This is where we will have all of our breaking news, informational articles, video links, podcast associations, and product reviews going forward.

At Enhanced we know that the days ahead are even bigger and better than the days past. That what is next is the journey of overcoming false narratives with truth to power and massive pumps!


And if you are thinking “what is he talking about?” Just wait….and watch. Good things are built with time, pressure, and hard ass work. And that is exactly what we have been up to at Enhanced and many of you have been part of that journey with us on social media, in Thailand, at the Muscle Factory, on Youtube, and over the podcasts.


We aren’t gone. We aren’t going anywhere. We are building, refining, getting strong, getting learner, and growing. We spent over two years in the background working on formulations, building out supply chain, and testing of our products before we came to market.


The work and patience paid off: our supplements are some of the hardest-hitting supplements that can be approved by the FDA and their GMP processes. Our customers and community are the hardest training athletes, gym rats, and fitness experts in the world. We have new product launches right around the corner and new flavors coming to make our awesome supplements even better. And I always take out products when I am training to get bigger, to get even more huge. And at Enhanced we fight for the things we know are important, like getting real supplements to people who take training seriously and always speaking truth to power.


And while the knockoffs proliferate and the enemies of freedom are all around, we will still be here.  Still growing, still working, still making the most kick ass fitness supplements in the world.


Our customers know that if its a mainstream supplement, it is likely trash, and it is not for them. Being part of the Enhanced family means this simply: we do more. All of us, you, us, we all work harder, train harder, and believe in a bigger, stronger individual in body and mind.


At Enhanced, we believe that the Enhanced Difference is #whatsnext.


Thank you all for following us on Social Media at:


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Tik Tok: @drtonyhuge


RIP Rich P.


To commemorate our launching of a new section here on our website we are offering a free bottle of All Day Shred for any customer with over $99.00 in purchases. Summer is right around the corner and it is time get the cuts running for the beach.


And this blog section is not the only thing we are changing our website. We are doing things that the community has asked for: we are adding Paypal payment options; we have added product reviews so customers can provide feedback and people can see one another’s results off the supplements before they buy; and we are even going to add payment plan functionality as yet another option. When the Enhanced Crew – all of you – provide valuable feedback touch by reaching out, posting reviews, and providing comments on pages like this, we take that to heart. We know that we are the right track but want to make sure you are part of how we get to the next level.


At Enhanced we look to provide value to our community members, and we look forward to sharing the journey to enhanced fitness here on this platform and on social media with you for years to come.


Stay Swole,



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