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Working Out in a Pandemic: Review of Zeno Gym

ENHANCED stands with all people looking to not only maintain health but actually improve their health in these uncertain times. There is no doubt: there is a correlation between our overall health and our ability to stay healthy in the face of outside potential threats to our health – such as a bacteria or a virus. The statistics are clear: the better our overall health, the less severe the impact of something like COVID is on our body. The more fit- the higher survivability. ENHANCED SUPPLEMENTS is an essential part of that: by improving the supplementation and health our customers experience easier weight management, larger muscle and vascular development, better blood lipid levels, lower blood sugar, and improved health.

But what about fitness at home? What about when the gym is closed?

ENHANCED has reviewed all of the home gym programs that are currently being offered on the market: the most effective that we have found to date is the Zeno Gym and their assortment of home workout equipment.

For example, their bench system is adaptable to many different exercises whether a seasoned training pro or new-to-fitness. They call this the Workout Bench V2.0:

The Zeno Gym company offers great, adaptable products that appeal to the ENHANCED team, athletes, and consumers as working out from home or at the office continue to grow in popularity and necessity. Another product that SLIN subscribers are a fan of is their SQUAT BOARD and bands.


This product helps us active those hammys, glutes, quads, and calfs all without an expensive smith machine or a trip to a crowded gym. And as with all of the Zeno Gym products, it comes with their 100% Guarantee on quality and money back guarantee – JUST LIKE ALL ENHANCED LABS PRODUCTS!

With the times the way they are, ENHANCED found a natural partner in the Zeno Gym. Here is to the next year of fitness, getting healthy, and maximizing life.


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